Form and content at Oxford Geek Night #13

Those of you who subscribe to the Oxford Geek Nights Google group hopefully need no reminder that Oxford Geek Night 13 is on Wednesday 15 July. But, more excitingly, the two keynotes are now confirmed.

Bruce Lawson, Open Web Standards evangelist at Opera, is no stranger to Oxford Geek Nights, and covered new developments in accessibility back in OGN10. This time he'll be discussing the forthcoming new standard for hypertext markup, HTML5, and what effects it will have on web-browsing as we know it.

Andrew Walkingshaw, co-founder of Inkling Software, will present the rise (and further rise) of their service for data visualization and storage, Timetric. He'll also be discussing recent work by the Guardian which has incorporated Timetric visualizations, including a recent article on the relative purity of illegal drugs seizures over time.

We still need microslot talks, though, so if you're interested then do volunteer.