Django internal architecture: a nice PDF

I've never been completely happy with this spindly and slightly confusing diagram from the Django Book, ever since it appeared the first edition. Once I'd digested it, I almost immediately started redrafting it as an exercise in explaining it to others, for a possible seminar for wannabe Djangolians at Torchbox.

Time went by, as it was wont to do, and I still had a slightly incomplete diagram of the Django internal architecture on my desktop. The Django Book had since been reorganized, empires had risen and fallen, we had probably passed peak oil, and I still hadn't any use for that fecking diagram.

In an attempt to just get rid of it I've polished it up and posted it here: a three-page PDF of Django's architecture. It's got callout boxes and different colours and everything. Feast your eyes on it; move rapidly between pages, as in a flick-book; complain about the fact that it's not much of an improvement on the original. Just don't leave it on my desktop, please.


Thank's for sharing!