Get reacquainted with Verity and Jeremy, your UX chums

As the Drupal 7 code freeze approaches, D7UX is gearing up for final rounds of testing: like much of Drupal's collaborative structure, this will be crowd-sourced. Get involved! You can help Drupal usability!

Anyway, Leisa discusses the next steps to be taken:

a) we need to finalise scripts and make them available to people who wish to conduct testing
b) we need to resolve the issue re: a testing theme, and
c) we need to ensure that is ready to receive feedback from multiple sources

I'm pretty late to the full-on D7UX party, but tangential to (a) it just occurred to me that we would find it useful anyway to have the Verity and Jeremy user "sketches" in a more persona-like format. That way, it'd be easier to "read" the scripts in the mindset of Verity or Jeremy, and get more of a feel for whether or not their choices and observations are believable within their character.

Below are Verity and Jeremy, in a more structured breakdown similar to the one Torchbox use for in-house user personas. (I've used a bit of artistic licence to pad them out a bit, but they probably still should be considered far more like sketches than personas. As there's only two of them they have to cover quite a lot of experiential "ground" as you run through the test scripts, so they're bound to be a bit vague.)

Content creator

Late 20s
Part-time administration assistant for a cancer support charity


  • Not a developer
  • Proficient with the MS Office Suite (Word, Excel etc.)
  • Uses Facebook and email
  • Hasn't really used Macs
  • Doesn't "get" things like Twitter or Spotify


  • Verity works part-time while she completes her Social Care Diploma
  • Website is one of many tasks in job
  • Writing content, let alone building a site, isn't high on her career priorities
  • Update "news" every week and small ad-hoc content updates
  • Often interrupted by the phone and other staff while she is updating the website
  • IT consultant that Verity can call: but she likes to avoid doing this


Verity wants:

  • To be able to complete her website updates quickly
  • Straightforward workflows, without her getting confused
  • confidence that she’s knows where she is and what she’s doing at all times

Non-technical site builder

Social software consultant


  • Not a developer
  • Researched MySpace, Bebo, Facebook etc. for job
  • Knows of YouTube and alternatives e.g. Vimeo
  • Blogs, uses Twitter, photos on Flickr
  • Has a smartphone?


  • Works with medium to large organisations to help them understand how social tools could help
  • Recommends tools that they should use and how they should be implemented
  • Frustrated because it is difficult to customise existing tools to suit his clients
  • Would love to have the ability to ‘build’ a site that would meet his client’s requirements
  • his technical skills are not great – for example, he can edit some PHP code; he understands what CSS is and what it can do, but he’s never written much himself.


Jeremy wants:

  • to build rich and flexible sites
  • easily discoverable functionality
  • freedom from PHP code or Drupal internals