Migrating to Drupal

I've just migrated my personal website to Drupal. By this I mean: I've just migrated my personal blog to Drupal. The rest of the website will have to wait for 404 reporting to roll in, and for me to build a new site structure around what I want to appear here.

My move to Drupal was the result of a number of motivations. The fact that I'm a senior Drupal developer at Torchbox means that the historical accident of me using Wordpress looked a little odd. Not only should I be "eating my own dogfood"; it also makes sense for me to have a personal site using the technology I implement most often at work, so that I can build on lessons learned in each arena, when I'm programming in the other.

There's also the issue that keeping up to date with two major open-source CMS projects was becoming tiresome. Almost every weekend Wordpress would always need an update, or Drupal would; or both. It makes sense to only have to keep track of one set of security issues, and the fact that I'm already running N Drupal sites off this single instance of the core codebase, that the core is therefore shared across all sites, means that there's little overhead in upgrading N+1 sites instead.

But most importantly I think I have to capitalize on how much I'm starting to like Drupal as a framework---to appreciate the ways in which the deep core works, in cacheing, themeing---and not just as a means to an end at work. Maybe this way I'll be able to play more with Drupal, work out where its hidden strengths and weaknesses are, and just get to play a lot more with a new toy.

Because the site redevelopment is a work in progress, aiming to work out whether or not Drupal works best if you can build a solid backend core first and theme and design it later, I've taken a screenshot of the site, immediately following migration. For posterity's sake. Let's hope I won't recognize it in six months' time.