My 10% discount for not-for-profit and ethical clients

Is your organization not-for-profit, charity, academic institution or a co-operative? Then I can offer you a discretionary 10% discount!

A few terms and conditions apply, though:

  • I might require you to provide proof of status. This can be a UK charity number, US 501c3 record, article of association etc.
  • Your organization's aims must not conflict with my environmental and social policy; nor can the aims of any of your clients, with whose business I might be concerned.
  • The work must be remote.
  • The work must be on a time-and-materials basis, not fixed cost.
  • Any contract—and the real arrangements of working—must fall outside of IR35 to ensure I don't incur extra costs which would make it difficult for me to offer the discount.
  • All work is done on my preferred choice of hardware (a condition of IR35 but also a big efficiency saving for me.)

But I think they're all straightforward and reasonable, so you should contact me if you want to discuss it further.

(Note that this discount offer is not guaranteed, and I reserve the right to exclude it on the basis of e.g. complications or extra requirements that reduce my working efficiency.)