What jurisdiction am I in?

After reading Ben Werdmuller's excellent post on data jurisdiction, and our responsibilities to people who want to communicate with us, I noticed that Marcus Povey has already followed suit. With Ben's post rapidly making its way through the technorati's information feeds, it's only a matter of time before others do too.

As you might not be aware of precisely who is reading what you send me, I've added a note of what jurisdictions I store my data in to this website. You'll see it in the sidebar over there. With that in mind, if you have concerns about the security of our communication, you can make an informed decision on the basis of that information.

I think there's still a lot more to be considered, and I think there's a whole world of discussion to be had about Ben's second point (go and read that piece, why don't you?) but this is definitely an important first step.