Total Eclipse of my broadband

Incidentally, I currently have very little network at home. Eclipse managed to transfer my broadband fine during the house move, and then cancel both my old and new packages simultaneously at the point the old house’s contract expired (December 4). Oddly, although pulling the plug took but a second, reconnecting can take five working days. I’d love to know what they’re currently up to.

In the mean time, when necessary, I’m connecting to an alt-Fon network called something like Liberty Europe. I think they might be communists.


If you ever get sufficiently annoyed with Eclipse I can recommend as an alternative. Admittedly it took ages to get broadband sorted at our house, but that was BT's fault rather than the ISP's.

the exact same thing happened to me when I moved back to Oxford from Preston! I'm also with eclipse, must be something they enjoy doing....

Hm. I wonder how long ago that was. I mean, obviously they'll now have systems in place so it never happens again.