The Carbon Account is live

Torchbox (where I work) soft-launched The Carbon Account today. More press information should be available on the site in the next couple of days: just ring up or email if you need some in the mean time.

Beta testers have been hammering away at the Carbon Account for ages to make sure everything’s working right. The Facebook application has been live a week or so to people involved in beta-testing, and the nascent Wychwood CRAG has been using the Carbon Account as its platform of choice, monitoring and comparing each member’s carbon footprint for a couple of months now. That’s been especially useful, as the CRAG has argued about the functionality and design decisions a good deal from a whole range of viewpoints: from environmental newbies to astonishingly well-informed amateur-experts.

A lot of preparation has gone into today’s launch, but although I’ve been using it for nearly a year, I’ve not been directly involved in the development of the Carbon Account so can’t take any share of the credit. Everyone who has worked on it deserves a big pat on the back today, though. The rest of you, sign up!