Wednesday 3: Antoine Beaupré and Steven Jones, "Aegir: One Drupal to Rule Them All!"

Aegir can do: many sites, managed updates, many servers. [can it spin up EC2?]; Frontend and backend can be used separately

Mass hosting

Updates via update.php, but in a way you can roll back (uses a mysqldump rollback point)

Automated testing

Manages SSL keys

Right Apache configs

Aegir user on Aegir server needs keys to get into all servers and run relevant commands

Easy install process


Aegir squeeze backport apt-get - will even get LAMP stack Need mysql: soft requirement, but postgreqsl won't work right now. "Patches welcome!" Also, currently no other CMS deployments supported. "Patches welcome!"


Can manually install on RHEL or using nginx - just trickier

Standalone backend is called Aegir Provision; front end is Aegir Host Manager D6

[Live demo: dpkg configuration fails hard on getting MySQL password prompt wrong]

Working website


Platform = a multisite Drupal [so for monosites Drupal, platform = site]


Uses drush makefiles


Demo of new OpenAtrium install

Demo of upgrade


Help wanted and offered: , Irc #Aegir , Weekly scrums, Issue queues - aggregated on