Quick project update: a geek goes gardening

I can only hope to reassure you that I'm not going to turn this into a gardening blog. At least not overnight. But if I hope to treat my gardening exploits as a personal project, then this blog is inevitably going to feature the occasional project update: or, in the case below, two updates.

First and most important for any DIY geeks reading this, I made something else out of pallet wood! Last year's square-metre garden has been succeeded by this year's... tomato cane supports!

Growbag-compatible tomato cane supports

I managed to use the remains of last year's wood, stored in our mostly repaired (and hence reasonably dry) shed. So both projects have emphasized the reuse of existing timber, which at least makes me happy, even if the frame I've actually made ends up unwieldy in practice.

Second, inspired by a combination of Sheffield-based gardener Julieanne's her recent request - what's budding in your garden? - I embed below a handful of images of the buds and early flowers in our garden.

Ceanothus zanzibar

Iris Katharine Hodgkin, already done flowering; a tulip we found in the front window box when we moved in; and Clematis jackmanii superba, just about to take off like a rocket.

(... What? We don't remember planting this. A stray seed from a wildflower packet?)

Our first crop appearing! Perpetual spinach "Leaf Beet". Outdoors these have since been joined by a few carrots and several lettuces; indoors we've got tomatoes, celery and more lettuces.

And finally, with Julieanne's original post in mind, I'm bound to ask: what's budding in your garden?


Enjoyed seeing what's budding in your garden J-P. I 've not seen a varigated ceanothus before - much nicer than the bog standard one.

That mystery plant is Chionodoxa - http://apps.rhs.org.uk/plantselector/plant?plantid=422. It was quite possibly from the batch of mystery bulb plantings I was giving away before I left Oxford.

Glad to see your carrots have started germinating. Great tomato plant support!

Gosh, you're right. I suppose that must be where it was from. I'm trying to remember now where we put the bulbs you gave us!

Yeah, the ceanothus is lovely: the variegated ones are definitely cheerier in the winter months, and the blooms smell amazing. None of my work, though: it was one of the very few plants that came with the house.

Nothing wrong with this turning into a combined gardening + tech blog..
The mention of building things from pallets reminded me I had one in the garage waiting to be converted.. Its now roughly reformed into a tray in which I'll be growing mushrooms (assuming I succeed at that)

Thank you for the reassurance, Robbie, and hope all's well with you. I'll still try my best not to overload my occasional PHP readers with too much about gardening.

And well done with your own pallet work: the hardest bit seems to be getting the wood neatly split up and removing nails etc. After that it's basically the woodworking equivalent of Lego.