Sushack 2 tomorrow, hacking for sustainable projects

We need you at tomorrow's Sushack 2: the sustainability hackday returns! Especially if you're a (UX, interface, general web) designer or (for my own possible project) Drupal frontender/site-builders. Don't think it's all just programmers and hardware hackers!

The last time Sushack happened, it was a tremendous success. It has since spawned the ongoing Oxford Flood Network project, showing that hackdays really can have an effect beyond their own ambit. Tomorrow will hopefully also focus on projects that can make a difference, in the attainment and promotion of environmental sustainability.

This time round, there are a number of project ideas already, so it looks like we'll have plenty to work on. Why not come and join us, from 9.30am onwards, in Summertown? They'll even feed you; how can you resist?

(Answer: you can't. See you there!)