Building customized, client-unique community portals with Join the Dots

I've been working with Join The Dots for the past few months. This award-winning digital agency specializes in providing multi-method, research-driven advice to many high-profile clients, and I was asked by them to help with the rebuild of their community research platform, from Drupal 6 to 7.

The rebuild project was strongly feature-driven, making it an ideal fit for bringing in external consultative talent like me to add new experiences to the development team's mix. I built specific features to turn Drupal's underlying structures into interactive, in-browser, image-heavy applications, to canvass opinions from participants and report statistically on the results. I was also involved in setting up status updates and between-participant communication through notification messages and a toolbar. All of these features needed to work "out of the box" on a whitelabel site, while also being both visually and functionally flexible for each new client's particular use cases.

Meeting Peter and Danny from Join the Dots at Drupalcamp North West 2013 was a great stroke of luck for me, as I now find I've spent a lot of my formative time as a freelancer working with great people on a really interesting technological stack. If you're a Drupal freelancer I can't recommend the regional Drupalcamps enough, for that very reason. Go along, meet other Drupalers, and get involved with great projects!