Drupalflu strikes

Can you believe it? After I so confidently advised everyone else on Drupalflu, I've ended up with it myself. I'd like to say this is evidence of the fickle and random nature of illness and fate, rather than karma for acting like I knew how to avoid it.

One of my repeated refrains was that everyone should eat any fruit they see, because at least then if you get ill, you've got the vitamins to help fight it. Now, I wouldn't say the venue's catering was exactly promoting healthy eating, but a more likely explanation (for me at any rate) was two toddlers. I was staying in an amazing house-share, which was perfect in all respects except two: a couple of boisterous 4-to-6-year-olds, one of which "helpfully" filled my bike water bottle on my last day: then tested it, by drinking from the spout. The rest is history.

Anyway, I'm likely to go quiet for a few days, while I get ill, recover and then catch up on work. See you on the other (cough, cough) side.