First attempt at flower arranging

Today I made my first attempt at "proper" flower arranging: by which I mean, I tried to achieve an effect, and picked plants for that purpose. Here's the result:

Flowers standing in a pastel-blue Foley jug, on a wooden coffee table.

The flowers are bluebells mixed with Bellis perennis "Habanera Rose"; the foliage is from a Lonicera, the name of which escapes me.

I don't think what I've ended up with is amazing as such, but it's definitely better than I've ever done before by just dropping flowers in a vase. So I'm keeping a record of it here, to try and work out what (this time) I did right.


I think it looks very sweet and the colours work well with the vase you have them in. I like. 

Thank you, you're very kind. I really like yours too: we have no grasses to speak off (the Stipa tenuissima is starting to kick off now I've got it in pots Indie can't reach) so there's a texture there that I can't currently play with!