Update on our house move: chain in place

Although I seem not to have announced it here after all, it's now common knowledge that we're moving house. And sooner rather than later: as of last week, we have both a buyer and a seller, which means the chain can all proceed. Surveyors are being appointed; forms filled out; ID requested.

We'll be leaving not just Witney but Oxfordshire, and heading off to Sheffield. This is for a combination of reasons, a major one being nearness both to elderly relatives in and around Preston, and to St Pancras for the Eurostar and my parents. But also living in, and being able to afford living in, a big city are important too.

Now that the chain is proceeding we also have a date for moving. Right now we're looking at September 15, which is frighteningly close to when I have to catch a train on the evening of September 19 to go to Drupalcon Barcelona. But this has already drifted by more than ten days; if it drifts any further, it will leapfrog the conference and end up in mid-October.

So that's all the news. We hope to be able to say au revoir to everyone in Oxfordshire in time, and will definitely fit in some kind of farewell meal, but until we have an exchange date then we could still be around for a while; even then, only when we have a completion date will we be on our way.