Tour de Drupal hits Drupalcon Dublin, travelling in from a ferry to Belfast

Back in 2014, a group of Drupalers who also liked cycling decided to travel to that year's Drupalcon in Amsterdam, a city which vies with Copenhagen for the title of world capital of cycling. The result of all these efforts was the hugely successful Tour de Drupal, best summed up by this short video, including aerial footage:

I think the video really captures the fun we had, the feeling of speed and comradeship. It was all there, I promise. And it can be so again!

This year, Tour de Drupal returns to Drupalcon Dublin! Obviously, anyone can organize whatever groups they like: but a few of us are organizing cycling from Belfast, arriving on the Birkenhead ferry. We're planning a two-day, 200km trip, stopping overnight somewhere near Dundalk and the border between the UK and the Republic of Ireland: more details here if you need them.

If you're interested, you should sign up so we can get some idea of numbers (and make decisions on the overnight stay). And if you want to set up your own route, maybe riding from elsewhere in Ireland or the UK, then do let the Tour de Drupal group know, and you might get others joining you: come for the cycling; stay for the community!