Tour de Drupal reached Drupalcon Dublin!

Five of us made the Tour de Drupal this year to Drupalcon Dublin.

There were sunsets:

Stephen looks moody in Dundalk
Conor shows us the sights as we cycle into Dublin from Howth

And sunrises:

Road out from Dundalk
TourDeDrupal Dublin

Glorious views:

Cooley Peninsula, viewed from Clogherhead
TourDeDrupal Dublin

And five brave souls gazing out at them:

Youri, Christian, Stephen, J-P and Martin, gazing at the Skerries
TourDeDrupal Dublin

It was a tale of mechanicals and punctures; of lost gloves and found courage; and a large number of traybake snacks. We did just over 200km across two days—Saturday and Sunday—and certainly my legs are killing me now.

Thanks to all the other Tourers, to the people who supported us (Keoal and especially Conor, who gave great advice beforehand, then met us in Portmarnock to guide us in) and also to the kind, friendly locals we met on our travels: it all made a huge difference. Hope to see more people on spoked wheels at the 2017 European Drupalcon, wherever that might be!