Tutorials on the Drupal 8 APIs, collected

Recently I've been writing a number of blogpost tutorials about the Drupal 8 APIs. If you like, you can read all tutorials so far, collected and broken down by topic, roughly following the breakdown in the official documentation.

The tutorials have been written with a focus on achievable results, and with accompanying screenshots explaining what you should see if you work through the examples; like this one:

They build on each other to avoid repetition, and the result of following all the tutorials should be one big working example module, that you've written yourself.

I originally started writing these tutorials as a way of understanding myself the differences in Drupal 8, compared to previous versions (if you're reading this on Planet Drupal, that's why you're only just hearing about them now rather than me spamming you with every one of them in turn!) But I think the focus on worked (and working) examples means they'll be of use to a wider audience: maybe like you?

... What are you waiting for? If you're still not sure, then I should tell you that one of the tutorials involves cats. Find out which one, and win... a picture of a cat!