Return of the Drupal API posts

Thanks to everyone who's been following my occasional posts covering Drupal 8's APIs. Since before Christmas, these have been on hiatus owing to other commitments, but they'll be coming back.

In the next few weeks I hope to cover three more topics of the APIs: this should bring my total number of posts (not including "extras" to help with background knowledge) to eighteen, which is half of the listed topics on api.d.o. That will be feel like a suitable place to pause again, as I've got yet more commitments demanding my time; or there might not, if those commitments help rather than hinder my covering of new topics!

Several people have commented on the posts—far more than the average I get, which is about zero—which does suggest they have more readers than anything else I've posted: thank you if you're one of those readers, and do feel bold enough to comment if you like, providing any feedback you want; especially if you've spotted a typo! And if you haven't read any of those posts, then I hope you might consider doing so now.

Right. I'd better get on with it, hadn't I?