That was Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2017

Last weekend was the Drupal Global Sprint Weekend, and Drupal Yorkshire took part in Sheffield. Our venue was the fantastic Union St coworking and event space, and it's fair to say that having such a great venue was a key part of what made the day a success. 

That Success is difficult to measure, but one metric we're really proud of is that, of the 188 or so issues tagged "SprintWeekend2017" on, we worked out that some 36 of them involved a Sheffield sprinter: 20% or so of all sprint weekend issues! Huge thanks, then, to all the other sprinters: John Cook, Ruth Ivimey-Cook, Rachel Lawson, Andrew Macpherson, Dawn van Mourik Blount and Dan Pickering.

Extra thanks is due to those who made sure we were well fed throughout the two days, fueled by healthy, nourishing food: ironically, you have to make it a marathon, not a sprint, or people tire out fairly quickly. So thanks to John and Dawn for our two fantastic lunches; and to Rachel for nice lattes on the Sunday morning. I also brought tea, fruit, nuts and flapjacks for people to pick at, but given how much I consumed myself I'm not sure if it's anything to crow about.

On a weekend of tough news, it was heartening to see people coming together for a greater cause: we had the Twitter "#SprintWeekend" hashtag scrolling on a projector screen in real time, to inspire us to keep sprinting. Working on making our tools and technologies better, more accessible, more inclusive... this is only the start. But as beginnings go, last weekend was a good one.