Many projects at Sushack 2

Last weekend's Sushack 2 was great. We all got to hack on our pet sustainability projects, and even create some completely new ideas. One group came up with a habit-forming app called "do", that could help change your behaviour over time. There were also data hacks on both Oxford's air quality data and also water quality data, the latter for people who might want to go wild-swimming nearby. Not everything was checked into the git repositories, so please shout out in the comments if I've missed someone.

I set up and began to configure my own personal project, intended to help my local sustainability group with the "back-office admin" of its residents' thermal imaging project. Along the way I managed to introduce Djangoista George Hickman to Drupal, which basically made his eyes spin and then roll back in their sockets.

Anyway, it was a good way to spend a Saturday daytime, and hopefully some good projects have come out of it. Thanks again to 2degrees for hosting us. At one point it did look like Summertown was about to flood around us, so it was good to know we had snacks and treats to keep us going!


I've written a very simple app for GreenTEA in Eynsham to view the data that they collect from their thermal imaging. It uses images stored on Google Drive together with a spreadsheet (also in GoogleDrive) - it also can be tweaked to work offline for public events (online version is not publically accessible)
It's available at - it's fairly simple but not very well documented.
It's also combined with a spreadsheet of the location of solar panels to produce a map showing which houses have been imaged, have panels or both (that's a more manual process).
Perhaps a chance for some collaboration...

Thanks for responding, Ian. That's possible, although the problem we're solving for Witney isn't really about visualization. It's more about handling the "boring admin" of recording initial requests from residents (which often come via the council), and then actually on the night coming up with a list of 6-10 houses all within walking distance. Uploading images is an issue too, but again it's more a paperwork issue: are they all uploaded, before we pass the camera onto the next group and they wipe the memory card?

Your project looks interesting, though, so maybe we should have a look at that towards the end of our season, rather than doing our own PDF visualizations.