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Hey Fred,

thanks for this and your other comment. I really appreciate the feedback. You're right that these statements are missing.

To give you the background, I did a lot of coding work up front, as a kind of expedition, to make sure I really could make enough progress to warrant the blogposts. Because so much was then tied together in the same codebase, it ended up tough to split it up so that: the forms blogpost had what was relevant there; and the Ajax blogpost has what's relevant here. Clearly there's been a slip 'twixt cup and lip! Future posts should be a bit easier to isolate and hence less likely to lose details.

Thanks for the compliment too. I'm glad you're getting something out of these. I also really appreciate people trying out the worked examples, taking them seriously enough to be able to spot bugs like this. The worked examples have to work or there's no point!