I'm speaking about Drush make at Drupal Camp North West

This November sees the return of Drupal Camp North West: it's running Friday 22–Sunday 24 November, with the first day being a "business day".

But even more excitingly for me (you can judge for yourselves) - I'm speaking at DCNW! The organizers have very kindly accepted my talk about Drush make, and the trials and tribulations of trying to use it to (re-)build your project codebases; now I have to actually sit down and write it.

At the same time as the Drupalcons get bigger and bigger, the Drupal Camps are coming into their own as the new "grass roots of Drupal." I suggested this on Twitter a while back; Alex McFadyen concurred, that his business certainly gets a lot more out of the smaller events. I'd argue that his other conclusion doesn't hold true for everyone: there's still a place for Drupalcons for a lot of people interested in Drupal, especially beginners.

But Camps are definitely something special, so I'm going to be there Friday and Saturday at the minimum (family commitments might keep me away for at least some of the Sunday. I'm really looking forward to it, apart from maybe the bit about having to present a talk....