Drupal Camp NW next Fri-Sun - I'll be there (will you?)

Drupal Camp North West kicks off next weekend: Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 are the main conference days, with the business day on the Friday beforehand. If you aren't going yet, then at the time of writing this blogpost, there are 47 tickets remaining: go ahead and book one!

There's some amazing talks lined up, as at any Drupal Camp, and I'm especially looking forward to Lewis Nyman's keynote, Pedro Cambra and Greg Harvey's talks about behind the scenes of, and hosting/distribution experiences with Drupal 8, and pretty much anything else to do with that track. Also, much as I'm never one to blow my own trumpet, I'm also speaking at DCNW, after lunch on the Saturday. I'll be talking about Drush Make, and the great aspects of using it (and, as honestly and fairly as possible, the not-so-great aspects too.)

As family commitments mean I can't make at least some of Sunday, I'm definitely going to be there for the Friday; in fact, I'm getting a train up on the Thursday. So if you're going to be around from Thursday evening onwards, then you should totally ping me on Twitter and say hi.